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3 Lb. Smart Seed Sun/shade North Mix, Pennington, 100526659

3-Lb. Smart Seed Sun/Shade North Mix Pennington Seed 100526659 / 100086838
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Pennington Seed
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100526659 / 100086838
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Pennington’s Smart Seed Sun & Shade NORTH Mix provides the most versatile lawn in sunny to moderately shady areas. It produces a thick, fine bladed, dark blue-green lawn with very good drought tolerance. The MYCO Advantage™ is a unique coating technology that reintroduces beneficial, all natural micro-organisms into your lawn. Naturally occurring soil micro-organisms can become destroyed or depleted over time, which can result in lifeless, compacted soil. MYCO Advantage™ corrects this by attaching to the emerging seed roots, helping the grass grow a denser, deeper root system. And the result is a healthier, thicker lawn that better utilizes available nutrients and fertilizer, and requires up to 30% LESS WATER. Penkoted seed has been treated with a material containing a specific fungicide, a natural insecticide and a growth stimulant that dry on the seed and are time-released into the soil as needed once the seeds are planted. The coating helps protect each seedling from soil born di
  • For full sun to medium shade areas (4-8 hours of daily sun)
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive Penkote technology
  • Produces a thick, fine bladed, dark blue-green lawn
  • Contains improved seed varieties that thrive in sun and shade
  • Covers 500 sf of new lawn; up to 1000 sf if overseeding
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