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7 Lb. Smart Seed Fescue Blend, Pennington, 100526677

7-Lb. Smart Seed Fescue Blend Pennington Seed 100526677 / 100086831
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7.50 X 3.55 X 16.50
Pennington Seed
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100526677 / 100086831
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Tall fescues make early, fast growing lawns of beautiful, fine textured turf that maintains a deep green color throughout the growing season. Pennington Smart Seed Fescue Blend contains improved heat, drought and disease resistance varieties in a lower growing blend, requiring less mowing than common Fescues. All Smart Seed products contain the highest quality seed varieties along with our exclusive MYCO Advantage¬ô seed enhancement technology. The micro-organisms in MYCO Advantage¬ô attach to the emerging seed roots, helping the grass grow a denser, deeper root system. And the result is a healthier, thicker lawn that utilizes available moisture and nutrients more efficiently. Pennington Smart Seed is the only line of grass seed products that combines the best seed with the best seed enhancement technology. This unique combination maximizes the number of seeds per bag and grows lawns that require up to 30% less water, every year for the life of the lawn.
  • Plant in early Spring or early Fall
  • Very good sun tolerance, moderate shade tolerance
  • Moderately fine textured dark green grass
  • For zones 1,2,3,5,6,7,8, upper parts of zones 9 & 12
  • Covers up to 1750 sf
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